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Center Life

Each day at Milwaukee Job Corps is full of life long learning experiences including academic, hands-on career technical training, personal growth & development along with cultural and civic activities. We schedule frequent off-center trips to local sports events, movies, plays, museums, and other activities throughout the Milwaukee area.

After scheduled classes, students may study or socialize with friends. Students participate in daily dorm chores, spend time studying and/or participating in Leadership Training or other center activities after dinner. Bed checks are performed at 10 PM.


Milwaukee Job Corps boasts one of the best recreational facilities in the nation. Students find our recreational activities to be a fun and exciting way to meet new friends, socialize, and just relax and unwind at the end of the day. We offer traditional sports and games such as soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, physical fitness, track & field, billiards, table tennis, card games, and board games.

Milwaukee Job Corps Center has an intramural program that features competitions between our students, staff, other Job Corps centers, and local sports teams. Competitions are also formed between individual dormitories and dorm wings.

We conduct regular surveys with our students to gather feedback about our recreational programs. Of course, students are always welcome to make their suggestions for new or existing activities to recreation staff or student leaders. We also develop and post weekly and monthly recreational calendars featuring all recreational activities and events.


Job Corps is committed to offering all students a safe and secure environment. That's why we have a Zero Tolerance Policy for violence and drugs. Any student who breaks this policy will be dismissed immediately from the program.

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Page last updated: Friday, December 07, 2012